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Download Bronze Age Polity Data

Divider The file that you can download below contains rough Rank-size plots for EB 1-3, MB2A, MB2B/C, and LB for each individual cluster in each region. I've also included the cluster solutions which I think are best for each time period, along with the fall-off curves and z-scores for each period. You will see that sometimes there is an equivocal result at various cluster levels between the fall-off curves and the z-scores. Also included is a plot of all the clusters in each region, for each time period, that shows how the clusters move about through time. There are four of these, for the CP, CH, JV, and for the northern regions.

The file is a .zip file called "" which will need to be unzipped when you get it. The zip file contains one file in WordPerfect format, called "NewPolty.fig". You should be able to print it through any decent laser printer or laserjet, using WordPerfect. I can't guarantee the graphs will come out looking right if the file is converted to Microsoft Word. To download the file, just click on the image below:

Grab Polity DataDownload Polity.Zip

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